Film Autumn in Crete

Fellow Film World, spring is coming… so let’s get equipped with a magic tool box for independent filmmakers:

Cinema Journey, Creative Documentary, Visual Anthropology, Social Adventure

9 Days of Tailor Made Film Making 

2 Film Production Sections

Details of the Academy Content can be found here

Details of the Academy Application can be found here

In the month of November, you can grasp the chance to refresh your 2020 creative adrenaline within CINEIMPACT Spring Film Academyan international program that empowers Art and Social Cinema, through an innovative mix of Creative Documentaries, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology & Social Adventure

The program takes place in Heraklion – the ravishing, inspiring and contrasting capital of Crete. Bridging the west and the east, the past and present, Heraklion’s realms enjoy multicultural flamboyance and social peculiarities, uncovering their hidden nature in the every day life, while waiting to be cinematically discovered and explored.

3-6 25th August Street

In the creatively intense and joyfully relaxed 9 days, the Spring Film Academy & Scholarship offers the chance to enjoy the whole process of filmmaking together with loads of good times. Art Cinema, Creative Documentary and Visual Anthropology combine their powers to disembroil the infinite questions of your filmmaking dilemmas. One of spring’s most refreshing realms of Europe, town of Heraklion will be your muse.

You can find more details here

Exploring the North by Northwest Fjords

Together with our partners, both in Reykjavik and West Fjords, we have explored the creation of the optimal network involving artists, institutions and cultural events most appropriate to be the partners of our joint venture Film and Anthropology Academy.

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The meet-ups during the bilateral initiative have put the basis of partnerships in between ANTHROPOESIS ASSOCIATION – Center for Innovation , Development and Film Production ( from Romania and HVERSDAGSSAFN – Museum of Everyday Life ( along numerous other strategic partners from Iceland.

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In between 7th and 13th December 2019, we enjoyed insightful meetings and local visits discussing in detail the setting-up of an International Film & Anthropology Academy, integrating most effective features and practices in order to enhance Social Sciences entrepreneurship and Cinema development.

4. museum of everyday life - cinema

We have chosen not the most warm time of the year to visit our former and future friends in Reykjavik and West Fjords. On purpose. Partly we were a bit naive in our decision, partly we thought it is a good moment to empathize deeper and understand better the realm of Iceland, along the harsh weather and adaptive social conditions of our welcoming hosts.


During the exploratory visit made to Iceland, the following organisations and institutions were involved in our fructuous meet-ups and discussions:
Museum of Everyday Life / Skobudin hversdagssafn ehf

University of Iceland, Faculty of Sociology, Anthropology and Folkloristics

Reykjavik Film Festival

Skjaldborg Film Festival

Icelandic Film Center

We look forward to see each other again and welcome them in Romania.

The visit was financed from the FUND FOR BILATERAL RELATIONS, EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 operated by RO-CULTURA.

Apply for Aristoteles Workshop!

A new generation of creative documentary filmmakers and artists heads to ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP every year for a 5-week filmmaking boot camp experience. Artistic characters ensue, since 2006.

Their output landed and won on the festival circuit: Quinzaine des Realisateurs at the Cannes Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Vision du Reel, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam or Tampere International Film Festival 2017.

We’re now calling for you if you are:

  • a (starting) director, cinematographer or editor with completed work;
  • fluent in English;
  • driven to make a documentary from pitch to final cut, with a crew you just met, in 5 weeks;
  • ready for one of the most intense learning experiences you’ll ever have.

This is your chance to:

  • be a director, cinematographer or editor in one of our four crews. You bring the ideas. We provide the production and post production equipment;
  • meet bright young artists like you from all over the world and work together in a pristine natural setting;
  • get full tutoring and mentoring from film industry professionals shaping the documentary landscape today;
  • be on the festival circuit, if your film rises to the challenge.

How to apply:

  • submit your form online and receive detailed instructions to complete application in your inbox.
  • more information on the workshop online at

JEAN ROUCH: Hong Kong Retrospective

JEAN ROUCH: The First Hong Kong Retrospective
“Modern Cinema starts when Jean Rouch’s tripod fell into the Niger river”
Jean-Luc Godard
For the first time ever in Hong Kong, THY LAB, in partnership with the
Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, with the support of
Institutis Français – Cinémathèque Afrique, is proud to present a
Retrospective on the movies of renowned French filmmaker Jean Rouch,
considered unanimously as the father of the French New Wave as well as of
“Cinéma Vérité”.
Seven of Jean Rouch’s films will be shown, from 21 April to 6 May 2018 to
celebrate the centennial of the filmmaker’s birth. After the screenings,
THYLAB will invite special guests including Jean Rouch’s wife, Jacelyne
Rouch, and the head of International Organisation of Migration sub-office
in Hong Kong, Nurul Qoiriah, who will share few words regarding Rouch’s
contributions to the world of ethnographic cinema.
With a repertoire of over a hundred films, Jean Rouch is considered as the
main pioneer of visual anthropology and the father of ethnofiction,
combining the art of filmmaking with the science of anthropology. Rouch’s
unique method documents people’s life and brings their narratives to an
otherwise unreachable audience. Leaving behind his career as an engineer,
Rouch began to make films to record the lives and culture of the people of
Niger River valley in the late 1940s and 1950s. He made waves in the fields
of cinema and social anthropology by allowing his subjects to take part in
the writing and production of his films, offering them a platform to voice
their own stories in their own way. Rather than seeing natives through the
eyes of the West, his films gave peoples a way to represent themselves in
the era of colonialism.
In collaboration with IOM, THY LAB is working on its own ethnographic film
on the lives and struggles of Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong.
Inspired by Rouch’s methodology, the project aims to empower domestic
workers by working with them to write and present their stories. With over
350 000 domestic workers in the city, they account for up to 60% of Hong
Kong’s non-Chinese population. However, they lack representation in local
mainstream media. Through this project, THY LAB hopes to give them a
platform to share their experiences and pains of working in a foreign city,
and thus show the people of Hong Kong the invisible side of their lives.
The screenings include the most famous works from the filmmaker, and the
most characteristic of ethnographic cinema.
More about the films and screenings:
MOI, UN NOIR (1959)
Set in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the film follows the lives of immigrants over
the course of one week as they search for jobs and fantasise about better
A new student arrives in school and exposes the difficulties of interracial
Real life individuals discuss topics on the themes of society and happiness
in the French working class.
JAGUAR (1967)
Three young men from Niger look for work and experience in Ghana’s cities.
Wishing to build a grand building in his little village, a young man from
Niger visits Paris to see how it is done and gets a taste of the Parisian
Three poultry sellers take a trip across the bush and encounter an array of
Three filmmakers sail aboard a Swedish icebreaker and express their unique
perspectives of life on board.
Organised by THY LAB I n partnership with: Fondation Jean Rouch; the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau; Institut Français – Cinémathèque
Afrique; the International Organization for Migration (IOM); Department of Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Romania RAW 2017

Cineimpact International Film Academy introduces
6-7 October 2017, Regensburg, Germany
a selection of short films mixing
Art Cinema, Creative Documentary, Visual Anthropology & Social Action
CINEIMPACT Film Academy champions Cinema and Humanity offering the screenings of 10 interlaced films, organized in 3 sections: Longocampo Childhoods │ Shelters │ Acts of Becoming
(Longocampo represents the latin name of Campulung Muscel, the first capital around 1300 BC of Wallachia, Romania) .
ROMANIA RAW is a micro-festival of non-fiction & hybrid filmmaking, innovating into the co-working in between Cinema and Anthropology.
The screenings will be followed by debates on experimental methods in cinema with the tutors Ger Duijzings, Vintilă Mihăilescu, Ionuţ Piţurescu.
Looking forward to enjoy together a creative and mindset changing dialogue on 6 & 7 October 2017, 17:00-20:00, Kinos im Andreasstadel, Andreasstraße 28, 93059 Regensburg.
ROMANIA RAW is organized in partnership with the University of Regensburg and the Graduate School for East and South-East European Studies
P.S. Good times are included during and after the screenings and debates, stay tuned!
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Dive in the Film Summer Academy

CINEIMPACT Film Summer Academy is an international program dedicated to Art and Social Cinema innovating in the fields of Creative Documentary, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology and Social Action. The film development area will be centered in the town of Câmpulung Muscel, an outstanding micro-cosmos of Romania, which magically interweaves old-fashioned rurality, aristocratic heritage and post-industrial urbanity, creating a cinematic meeting point of pre- and post- communist society.

The candidates should have experience in one or more of the following fields: film directing, cinematography, editing, visual anthropology, visual arts, visual activism.


At its third edition challenging classical filmmaking methods, CINEIMPACT’s Film Academy has proven to be a great learning experience for young filmmakers and emerging professionals, enabling the production of internationally recognised documentaries. “Pattern or Not (Şablon sau nu)”, one of the 11 films produced in the previous editions, after 15 days of creative work of an international team comprising Dorottya Balczo (director and cinematographer) and Andra Nedelcu (director and visual artist), was successfully selected and propelled to participate in one of the sections dedicated to short film (SFC) at Cannes Film Festival 2016.

1.000 Euro Financing Award will be granted for the Best Film Project

Detailed Description can be found here

Details of the Summer Academy Content can be found here

Details of the Summer Academy Application can be found here

Dive in the CINEIMPACT Summer Film Academy 2017

Application for Aristoteles Workshop

ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP (AW) is a training and development center dedicated to foster a new generation of creative documentary filmmakers around the world. Established in 2006, with substantial material and spiritual support from the French/German cultural TV channel arte. 12 participants will be selected on the basis of a dossier (credentials, demo reels, and recommendations). Participants should express an avid interest in learning and doing documentary films. The ideal composition of the group is that of young documentary filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, DPs and editors.

Established and respected professionals will help the participants translate their own ideas into fresh, ground breaking documentaries.

AW will provide accomodations, production and post production equipment and facilities. In the end each group will have to deliver a half-hour documentary ready for broadcast and entirely marketable.

Call for entries for the 2017 edition is open till 25 May.

Moments of Innovation

MIT Documentary LAb and IDFA Doc Lab joined forces to explore the past and future  of documentary and technology.

New voices, stories and publics are needed now more than ever. The present brings storytellers, technologists, and scholars together to explore new documentary forms.  New programs focus on collaborative, interactive, and immersive storytelling. Documentary film dedicates itself to the critically engagement of the world.

Artists, journalists, technologists, and media makers aim to challenge documentary’s boundaries and innovate into reality-based storytelling.

A new website was created from this new collaboration in order to guide whoever is interested into the future of reality-based storytelling.

More details regarding the Moments of Innovation website, you can find here

CINEIMPACT 2016 Final Selection

We are happy to announce the 2016 excelent line-up,

that will embark the creative adventure in

Campulung Muscel, Romania, 3-18 September 

The program takes place in Romania’s Câmpulung Muscel region – a field of exceptional socio-cultural landscape offered by the outstanding Carpathian Mountains. The film development area will be centered in the town of Câmpulung, which magically interweaves diverse experiences of the past century: old-fashioned rurality, aristocratic heritage and post-industrial urbanity, creating a cinematic meeting point of pre- and post- communist society

CINEIMPACT 2016 Final Selection :

Nicola Sangs (Germany)

Anelise Salan (Romania)

Igor Karim (Brasil)

Mirona Radu (Romania)

Lissa Davies (England)

Helmy Nouh (Egypt)

Mara Lin Visse (Netherlands)

Marta Ianetti (Italy)

Roxana Ardelean (Romania)

Ana Marija Marinov (Croatia)

Congratulations !

“Pattern or Not (Şablon sau nu)”, one of the 6 films produced in the previous edition of the Film Summer Academy after 15 days of creative work of an international team comprising Dorottya Balczo (director and cinematographer) and Andra Nedelcu (director and visual artist), was successfully selected and propelled to participate in one of the sections dedicated to short film (SFC) at Cannes Film Festival 2016.

New CINEIMPACT generation that will champion Cinema and Humanity, 

Be welcome!

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