CPH:LAB is CPH:DOX’s talent development programme that encourages creative risk taking, celebrates raw talent, facilitates collaboration across borders and supports visionaries to push the existing boundaries of documentary storytelling. This edition of the LAB is particularly for emerging storytellers who would like to develop new work addressing the digital natives with quality factual storytelling experiences. 

Over the course of a six-month incubator participants will develop the project with the help of a group of international mentors and tutors.

The lab is conceived as an incubator for projects by  artists keen to explore new forms of expression in factual storytelling and to advance new visions of what a documentary can be in a digital age. It offers a space for experimentation and collaboration in creative, cross-disciplinary partnerships across film, the creative arts, science, technology and social entrepreneurship.‍

CPH:LAB is for filmmakers, artists and creative technologists primarily from Europe although it is also open to a limited number of participants from non-European countries.

The training programme runs as a combination of onsite and online workshops and mentoring sessions spanning from September 2023 to March 2024. Up to nine teams will develop their project to the stage where they are able to present it along with an early-stage prototype at CPH:DOX in March 2024 to a specially-invited group of industry leaders before taking it to other international markets and residencies with whom we have strategic partnerships. You can read more about previous selected projects here.

Deadline for submission: June 22nd, 2023.

You can find more details: here

VENTURA Call for Projects

VENTURA, the new co-production platform for filmmakers and producers from all over the world promoted by the Enfoques Cultural Association, responsible for the organisation of the international film festival Play-Doc, continues with the call for international projects open until January 20th 2023. 

Projects from any country are welcome, regardless of their stage of development – production or post-production – regardless of length, format or genre. Further information and details can be found at www.ventura.gal.

The five international projects selected in this call will join the Spanish projects participating in VENTURA on 8th and 9th March 2023 in Galicia (Spain). During these days, 

VENTURA will organise a co-production forum in which they will all participate in a series of one-to-one meetings with representatives of production companies, distributors, funds, markets and international festivals. 

In addition, all those selected will be eligible for the VENTURA prize, awarded by an international jury with a value of €10,000, and a series of prizes in services provided by Cinemar Films, Cormorán VFX, Laboratorio Numax and the Doc’s Kingdom seminar, among others.

You can find more details on the submission procedure: here.

Film & Story Winter Academy in Gran Canaria

Cineimpact Film Academy invites application to a Film, Communication Anthropology and Storytelling Program for Immersive Filmmakers, Researchers and Audio-Visual Communicators.

Practical needs of our society prove that Filmmakers and Communicators are tremendously enriched by best practice Anthropology and Humancentric Sciences.

As well, Applied Scientists and Researchers are helped by high-quality Film and Visual Storytelling skillsets.

From January 29 to February 5 2023, an inovatory program that bridges Documentary, Docu-Fiction and Social Sciences will be launched in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a winter paradise with mild summer temperatures, an optimal realm to warm up your creativity and perfect your capacities’ outcomes.

Since 2014 Cineimpact Film Academy has explored a wide area of themes and creatively developed students coming from 20+ countries over 5 continents. The participants learn how to use a method that brings together the impact of Film, Social Sciences, and Sensory Storytelling, developed accross 20+ years and internationally recognized by two selections and an award at Cannes International Film Festival.

The successful applicants learn to optimally create new productions or develop their existing documentary and hybrid films up to their best version.

If you have a passion for Documentary/Docu-Fiction Filmmaking, Documentary/Docu-Fiction Animation, Audio-Visual Communication, Multimodal Anthropology/Sociology/Ethnography, Engaging Videography/Visual Journalism, , Experimental Film/Sensory Storytelling or Impact Media Production, you are encouraged to apply.

The knowledge gained through optimizing your film and storytelling potential in such a minimalistic frame can be further applied in the causes important for you, your comissioned work and your creative ideas in need of production sustainability. Reach The Next Level of your Creative Voice, learning how to maximize the mutual empowerment of Filmmaking and Social Sciences within your current and upcoming projects.

The early registered participants will benefit from a personalized preparatory phase. Concession Scholarships are offered for deserving candidates.

Details and Registration: https://cineimpact.org/las-palmas-international-film-academy-2023/

The places are limited, so do not procrastinate your application, bring along your friends and, of course, we would highly appreciate if you share the call for registration with your fellow practitioners, colleagues or student collaborators.

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Museo Reina SofíaDoclisboa and FIDMarseille present a new residency program oriented to filmmakers and artists in the field of cinema-essay, experimental film and all the other expressions of non-fiction film. Unique among film residencies, this program brings together a museum and two international film festivals to support all the different phases of creation, from the conception to the materialization of an audiovisual piece. The objective of the program is to encourage the development of film projects in the realm of non-fiction film, facilitating access to funding for their execution and the creation of international networks. The research and development of the project take place during the residency in Madrid, the contacts with producers, fundraisers, and distributors during the period in Marseille, and the networking with filmmakers, artists, and programmers during the period in Lisbon. The objective of the residency is to conceive as well as to produce new film works.

The program is named to honor Joaquim Jordà (1935-2006), author of original and emblematic work in non-fiction film, whose personal trajectory spans the three institutions and three countries that have come together to establish this program.

This call participates of the aim of evolving the contemporary art museum into a more permeable organization that takes care of artists and researchers in a transversal sense, across different disciplines and in different phases of creative work. It is also essential that this new institution be in dialogue with other cultural organizations and spaces of different scales and geographies, whether these be museums, festivals or autonomous organization, in order to establish bonds and a sense of kinship within a new circuit.

You can find more details here !

Symposium ‘The Art and Science of Visual Research’


The event is open to scholars, students and practitioners from all universities, institutes, and organizations.

You can register for this symposium by using this link.​

During the coming autumn 2022, the Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi), University of Antwerp, will host the first international symposium on The Art and Science of Visual Research (ASVR). This event constitutes the peak of the celebrations for the career of Prof. dr. Luc Pauwels, who will become an emeritus in October 2022.

Bringing together some of the most outstanding scholars in the field of visual studies and visual research, the symposium builds upon an integration of emerging and iconic voices of practitioners, methodologists, and theoreticians alike, all united around a common interest: the visual.

We will bring different disciplinary traditions and practices into dialogue: visual and digital culture, visual sociology and visual anthropology, science and technology studies, documentary photography, ethnographic film, and artificial intelligence. This is a unique opportunity for taking stock at what goes on in the world of visual research.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Richard Chalfen (Temple University, USA)
  • Marina Ciampi (Università Sapienza, Rome, IT)
  • Rebekah Cupitt (Birkbeck University, UK)
  • Paolo Favero (University of Antwerp, BE)
  • Annalisa Frisina (Università di Padova, IT)
  • John Grady (Wheaton College, USA)
  • Paul Hockings (editor Visual Anthropology, USA)
  • Allison Jablonko (co-founder Society for Visual Anthropology, AAA, USA)
  • Asko Lehmuskallio (University of Tampere, FI)
  • Tito Marci (Università Sapienza, Rome, IT)
  • Scott McQuire (Melbourne University, AUS)
  • Luc Pauwels (University of Antwerp)
  • Mattijs van de Port (University of Amsterdam, NL)
  • Katrien Pype (KU Leuven, BE)
  • Jon Wagner (University of California, USA)


Start of programme            Wednesday Oct 12th, 9:30 AM

End of programme             Friday Oct 14th,12:30 PM

The 3-day symposium will be preceded by a keynote by Prof. Paul Hockings (editor-in-chief of Visual Anthropology) on Tuesday 11 October 2022. Separate registration is required, please register here: https://bit.ly/HockingsFSW

EURODOC Call for Projects

The primary mission of EURODOC is the organization of a yearly training program for producers with a creative documentary project in the development stage. It is also open to professionals involved in the support of documentary film production. 

The yearly training is organized in 3 one-week residential sessions (in 3 different European countries), spread over one year. 

The intense nature of the working process contributes to fostering exchanges between participants and experts. It helps build the personal relations upon which is based the preparation work for co-productions and collaborations of all types and develops trans-national networks.

EURODOC focuses on the development of documentary film projects with high standards of creativity and impact, and a strong international potential. There is no limitation to genres: we consider all types of documentaries: essays, investigation, first-person, archival, etc., series and feature-length films. It can be a debut film or a project written by a seasoned director. Important to note: projects must be in development, early or late, and be suitable for a co-production.

The material sent for application must be in English

Special attention is paid to the following criteria: 

• Quality of the artistic project;
• International potential of the project;
• Quality of the candidate and their professional trajectory;
• The candidate’s motivation to attend the full training and to engage in group work;
• Within the cohort: a good balance between the different European countries, parity and overall diversity
• Evaluation of language skills

  • The cost of the training is 6,000 € for participants based in Europe.
  • It is 4,500 € for participants based outside of Europe.
  • The overall cost of the training for Observers is 2,500 € for each session
  • Tuition fee:
    3,000 € for participants based in Europe;
    1,500 € for participants outside of Europe and Observers.
  • Residential costs:
    > 1,000 € maximum per session (5 days / 6 nights, hotel, full board).

EURODOC is in charge of the whole booking. Please note that travel costs to reach the 3 sessions are not included and are at your own expense.

Registration can be done at the address: https://project-eurodoc.festicine.fr/

Berlinale Talents call for applications

Applications are open. Apply by September 1, 2022.

Full details at www.berlinale-talents.de

You can now apply for Berlinale Talents to join the world’s top 200 emerging filmmakers for a transformative week of talks, workshops and think-tanks from February 18-23, 2023. Boost your career with creative input from the industry’s frontrunners and forge lasting connections with peers and colleagues from all over the world. 

Who Can Apply

New for 2023: Digital Set Designers – Actors –  Audience Designers – Cinematographers – Directors – Distributors – Editors – Film Critics – Producers – Production Designers – Sales Agents – Screenwriters – Score Composers – Sound Designers.

Berlinale Talents is aimed at filmmakers, series and XR content creators with an existing track record of at least two or more short formats, a feature-length film or a high-quality series that have been officially invited to film festivals, released theatrically or broadcast on streaming platforms. 

The last few years have seen vast changes in how films are made, with digital technologies becoming a natural tool for storytellers in almost all kind of genres. Check out the How to Apply page for all the details.

Talents Labs

Want to advance your latest project? Apply for the Doc StationScript Station or Short Form Station to receive mentoring, finesse your material and present it to your fellow Talents and industry players. Producers can submit their advanced feature-length projects to the Talent Project Market to meet potential co-producers and funders. 

Learn more and explore last year’s projects.

Our Studios are dedicated to specific disciplines – acting, cinematography, editing, production and digital set design, score composition, sound design, distribution, sales, and audience design. Small group settings offer you the chance to learn from experts and peers through case studies and hands-on exercises. Find out more.

Heritage with a Film Story?

Do you study or are you passionate about Heritage? Would you like to learn an accelerated method to create films and transmedia formats sociologicaly adapted to the target audiences of your soul-stirring causes? Here is an opportunity to develop your ability to optimally communicate and raise attention on the topics that are important for you: Herculane Academy of Film, Anthropology and Heritage.

The fact that a large part of the cultural and natural heritage is in a declining situation is no longer a secret. The question is how can we change this. There are many possible directions for action, but they usually require great resources of Time, People and Funding. In this context, there is an effective method not enough used for resourcing essential causes for the greater good: Empathic, Immersive, Insightul Film Stories Dedicated to Heritage with the help of Social Sciences.

Since 2014, Cineimpact Academies have addressed various social issues and have creatively developed students from over 20 countries on 5 continents. Thus, in 2022 Ciniempact Film Academy decided to initiate a session dedicated to the Cultural Landscape and Heritage of Băile Herculane, one of the oldest balneological resort in Romania and Europe, which has been bringing therapeutic benefits to humanity since 102 AD. In order to support these human benefits in general and to maintain public attention on this year’s Europa Nostra selection, the Herculane Film Academy will focus on the deep relationships between society and heritage. Students selected through the application competition will learn an innovative method of audio-visual storytelling, that had international results through two selections and an award at the Cannes Film Festival, a method that brings together specific techniques of Film, Sociology and Visual Anthropology. This transdisciplinary approach has the capacity to help you design your best message versions to communicate your ideas and passions. Deserving students are invited to apply for Cineimpact Special Scholarships.

Why can video and film stories that explore the social context of heritage create the much needed changes and attract the necessary resources?

1. because day by day people react less or inconsistently to cosmetic pictures or videos, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are, if they don’t tell an immersive story that marks the audiences

2. because stories are the ones that create the strongest emotional connections needed to support a heritage goal, to attract volunteers, or to persuade communities to protect valuable sites

3. because communicating through video and film is the most effective and impactful instrument for any entity that aims to bring change within the local, national or international community.

Between July 30 and August 14, participants will create documentaries and docu-fiction films designed to enhance the heritage revitalization and protect the cultural landscape of Herculane. The eligibility criteria are elementary filming and editing skills. Cineimpact Academy will focus on creating video and films that build powerful stories, able to capture the attention of the local, national or international communities. As the emphasis will be on creativity and less on technical details, before the start of the Cineimpact Academy it is recommended to improve your shoot and edit technical knowledge, using the numerous courses that can be found on-line one click away.

Last but not least, we offer a Cineimpact Prize of 500 euros for the best project of this session, prize destined to support the winning project until it reaches its optimal version. 

More details about the program and the registration here: https://cineimpact.org/film-summer-academy-2022/.

We believe that the fate of Humanity Cultural and Natural Heritage can be changed, through collaborative and transdisciplinary initiatives aimed at training dedicated professionals in the effective communication of heritage realities, needs and stories. If you have any questions about the Summer Academy of Film, Anthropology and Heritage, we will be happy to get in touch at contact@cineimpact.org.


Passioned of proving and developing yourself in Creative Communication and Social Action through Filmmaking, Anthropology and Art? Here is your chance to pursue a career filled with personal meaning and fulfillment:

You are the creative kind who burns with impatience to do something significant and get innovative projects moving? Even in areas that are not familiar to you, because you have the courage to research, learn and get the job done? Doing something creative every day keeps you motivated, and being permanently up to date with what is happening in society, culture, technology is already part of your way of functioning. You are excited to meet new people, and you work well as a team partner.
If you find yourself in the description above, welcome to the Cineimpact team!
We are looking for someone to join us in organizing social and cultural events (creative workshops, film festivals, art events, etc.) in funding, preparing, and implementing cultural projects, documentary, and fiction film productions. All this and more, because at Cineimpact, we create programs that mix film, anthropology, arts, and social actions.
It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your professional career. It is great to be a student, and this shall become your best experience so far. What matters is your desire to learn and your passion for at least one of the areas mentioned above.
If you can embrace Cineimpact challenges and learning journeys, you will create communication materials, promote events in social media, liaise with cultural & media partners, and assist the Project Manager in everything related to the implementation of Cineimpact actions.
Your schedule will be flexible. We need you on average 2 hours a day. There are busy periods when we might need you for 4 hours, but there are also relaxed weekdays without much work. We rely on your ability to organize your time and respond when needed – sometimes in the evenings, sometimes on the weekend. You will be able to work at hours convenient for you and wherever you have a good internet connection.
If you would like to participate in our Volunteer/Internship program, send us your CV and a letter of motivation to contact@cineimpact.org

The motivation letter should make us understand which are your personal drives concerning film/anthropology/art/social action in general, which are your passions and how a great work day looks like for you.
For more details about Cineimpact, you can access our web page: www.cineimpact.org




Wish to have impact?

Are you a Filmmaker, Producer, or Impact Producer interested in how your project can contribute to the advancement of social or environmental justice? The Geneva Human Rights Film Festival invites you to an exclusive online session. Freely accessible to a restricted number of observers, this webinar will look into how documentary storytelling can advance human rights movements ethically and sustainably.

On January 25, from 3 pm to 6.30 pm CET, join a wide range of international experts and award-winning filmmakers who will share their experiences and know-how on how films can contribute to changing mindsets, behaviours and structures when connected with strategic changemakers. Find out more about how your film can become part of a broader movement of structural change through the power of cinematic storytelling.

Ani Mercedes is an Impact Producer and Founder of Looky Looky Pictures. She works with stories that go beyond empathy; that aim to participate in the transformational work of building solidarity with (rather than for) the communities they seek to serve. Ani and her team have implemented and advised on impact production for over 800 filmmakers

Nicole van Schaik is the Director of Development at Doc Society. She brokers partnerships with organizations from across civil society, including foundations, philanthropists, NGOs, brands, policymakers, activists, technology innovators and media.

Naomi Walker. As the first Coordinator of the Global Impact Producers Assembly [GIPA], Naomi is working with the GIPA Steering Committee to formalize and build capacity for the network. Naomi spent nine years in Chicago as Engagement Consultant for ITVS.

Cara Mertes is Founding Director of the International Resource for Impact and Storytelling (IRIS), a donor collaborative focused on supporting creative visual storytelling and narrative analysis in the public interest internationally. Previously at Ford Foundation, Moving Image Exploration and director of JustFilms, supporting artist-led films, strengthening organizations and networks.

Rebecca Lichtenfeld is an Emmy award-winning human rights advocate, producer and impact strategist. She has created, produced, and executed ‘creative advocacy’ projects involving filmmakers, artists, heads of state and organizers from around the globe. Rebecca is currently the Executive Director of InMaat Foundation, a US-based foundation that promotes equality and human rights worldwide.

Rasmus Steen is Head of Documentary Film at IMS. International Media Support (IMS) works with an overall vision that documentary film can contribute to social, political, or cultural change. IMS has supported more than 180 documentary films, including 40 co-productions. IMS operates in the Arab world, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia.

For full program click here!