Museo Reina SofíaDoclisboa and FIDMarseille present a new residency program oriented to filmmakers and artists in the field of cinema-essay, experimental film and all the other expressions of non-fiction film. Unique among film residencies, this program brings together a museum and two international film festivals to support all the different phases of creation, from the conception to the materialization of an audiovisual piece. The objective of the program is to encourage the development of film projects in the realm of non-fiction film, facilitating access to funding for their execution and the creation of international networks. The research and development of the project take place during the residency in Madrid, the contacts with producers, fundraisers, and distributors during the period in Marseille, and the networking with filmmakers, artists, and programmers during the period in Lisbon. The objective of the residency is to conceive as well as to produce new film works.

The program is named to honor Joaquim Jordà (1935-2006), author of original and emblematic work in non-fiction film, whose personal trajectory spans the three institutions and three countries that have come together to establish this program.

This call participates of the aim of evolving the contemporary art museum into a more permeable organization that takes care of artists and researchers in a transversal sense, across different disciplines and in different phases of creative work. It is also essential that this new institution be in dialogue with other cultural organizations and spaces of different scales and geographies, whether these be museums, festivals or autonomous organization, in order to establish bonds and a sense of kinship within a new circuit.

You can find more details here !

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