Film Winter Academy

CINEIMPACT launches its 2022 academic year with a warm-up session

The Film Winter Academy

“United we film !” 

Visual stories are now powerful instruments for social understanding, expression and change. Learn how to use Social Sciences, Visual Arts and Cinematography, in order to become an effective Visual Storyteller of your ideas.

The CINEIMPACT Academy of Film, Transmedia and Innovation Design organizes a cycle of courses supporting transdisciplinary education in the realization of documentary films and multimedia projects dedicated to the expression of society’s essential themes. 

As a platform for research, development and education in designing optimal non-fiction cinema, transmedia and social communication tools, Cineimpact Winter Filmcelerator is designed for enriching your knowledge and practical skills in Visual Storytelling, Documentary Filmmaking and Multimedia. Maintaining collaborative relationships with the classic academic approaches, CINEIMPACT is a catalyst for education and production that uses in a convergent manner the resources of Social Science and Film. Within the daily carousel of our constructible and de-constructible “realities”, this program proposes a re-equipment of social understanding with creative tools, corresponding to the new challenges of our rapidly shifting universe.

Applications for the courses enrollment can be done at the address


1. Social Anthropology

2. Visual Storytelling

3. Visual Anthropology

4. Documentary/Hybrid Filmmaking

– directing

– documentary/hybrid/multimedia script and project writing

– shooting

– editing

– notions of project development, financing and distribution 



At the course end, there will be a public screening of the projects within an award ceremony.

A jury will evaluate the participating projects, offering the following awards:

Award / Awards for the best project

Scholarship (Fellowships) to participate in the following course module

One-to-one consultancy in development/production/distribution of winning project/projects

(CINEIMPACT reserves the right to award one or more projects)

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