Film, Anthropology and Heritage 2022


Art Cinema, Creative Documentary, Visual Anthropology, Social Immersion

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Theme: Connections of Heritage, Habitat and Social Life

30th of July – 14th of August 2022, Baile Herculane, Romania

2 Filmcelerator Production Sections :

A. New Project Development

B. Work-in-Progress Incubator

18 Days of Practical Learning and Mentorship :

15 Days On-Site Intensive Program

3 Days On-Line Follow-Up Sessions

Details of the Summer Academy Content can be found here

Details of the Summer Academy Application can be found here


Between 30th of July – 14th of August 2022, you have the chance to feed your creative adrenaline within CINEIMPACT Film Academyan international program dedicated to Art and Social Cinema taking the transdisciplinary form of Non-Fiction Cinematography, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology and Social Impact. 

The program takes place in Romania’s Baile Herculane – a famous Transylvanian town, recently declared among Best East European Wellness Locations for its fabulous heritage and socio-cultural complexity. The little Spa Capital encompassed by the high peaks of the Carpathian Mountains connects the Roman Empire Heritage, the Habsburgic Empire Heritage and the Romanian Pre-Communist, Communist and Post-Communist Heritage. Baile Herculane area greatly inspires the film project development, magically interweaving the experiences of past and present: monumental architecture of forgone empires veiled in flamboyant decadence and poetry; old-fashioned rurality embraced by the astonishing nature of the Carpathian Mountains and Cerna Gorges; communist wellness infrastructure overwhelmed by post-communist apocalypse and tackled by challenging social regeneration. Infinite intersections in between utopian beauty and dystopian decay succeed to create a quite focal and cinematic environment for a synthesis of our present and future society.


The applicants for the summer academy can choose from the following Film Production Sections:

1. New Project Development

  • the participants will experience the entire process of film making by developing a new film project from A to Z while going through the fundamentals of anthropological field work, pre-production, production and post-production phases, concluding with a brief final touch on project pitching, fine tuning and distribution

2. Work-in-Progress Incubator

  • the participants will receive advice and development mentorship on one of their work-in-progress projects, being a non-fiction or a docu-fiction project, challenged by the hardships of script development, pre-production, production or post-production phases, integrating the optimization of project’s package, pitching,  rough-cut, fine tuning or distribution strategy

Through a tailored-made and hands-on filmmaking program, the summer academy will explore innovative methods of FILM and IMPACT production.

Students will have the chance to discover themselves in an environment that challenges their most personal creative limits. From learning to recognize exquisite stories after only few hours of interaction with the characters, to exercising decision making techniques under time pressure, from learning new editing secrets to creating best fit sound design, the academy will leave the participants amazed by how much and how better they can do, in such a short time span, along making new friends, exploring the unknown and having loads of fun discovering themselves and the unity in diversity we all share.


The participants will be selected based on social experience, artistic motivation and personalities, briefly processed through a CV and Letter of Intent. The ones selected will go through a preparation process. Within the CINEIMPACT creative adventure, they will explore innovative methods of creating Sensorial Storytelling and Empathy by transgressing the boundaries of fiction, non-fiction, visual anthropology and social activism.

In its 9th year of challenging conventional filmmaking, navigating a tailored-made and hands-on mentorship program, Cineimpact cognitive journey guides its participants towards learning how to reach their best creative potential.


Ionuţ Piţurescu – director, scriptwriter and producer; Dr. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, coordinator of the Center for Innovation, Development and Film. Among his cinema work, “Quest” (Romania, 32 min) premiered in Cannes IFF, winning Quinzaine des Realisateurs Award at 63rd Cannes Film Festival, while his feature “Borders” (Romania, Denmark, Burma) was chosen among best world projects in the official selection of Cinefondation Atelier at 68th Cannes Film Festival

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Alina Matache – producer, consultant and story-editor, with 15+ years of experience in Corporate Management. Alina produced 18 films within Cineimpact International Film Academy, working with students from 20+ countries. Several of the films produced by Alina have been selected in important film events and numerous festivals

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Going through the field research, development, production and post-production phases of their film projects, the participants will be inspired by invited experts. The film’s authors will be tutored in building optimal development strategies for their new and work-in-progress film projects. One of the films developed within CINEIMPACT Film Academies, “Pattern or Not”, the creative work of Dorottya Balczo (director and cinematographer) and Andra Nedelcu (director and visual artist), was successfully propelled to participate in one of the sections dedicated to short film (SFC) at Cannes Film Festival 2016. Other projects have been selected in various film festivals and were developed by Cineimpact into successful feature length projects such as “Mother and Son” by David Power (director and videographer, edition 2017) selected in prestigious forums and markets such as Lisbon Docs 2018, East Silver 2019, Astra DocTank 2020, Ex Oriente Script Lab 2022, etc

Cineimpact champions an Alumni community with great professional achievements and impressive creative leaps. Through a unique, internationally acclaimed method, innovatively developed since 2005, CINEIMPACT Film Academy continued to be a revealing learning experience for filmmakers from various backgrounds and cultures coming from 20+ contries around the globe, such as Sweden, United States, Spain, China, Italy, England, Brazil, Germany, India, Greece, Ghana, Slovakia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc.

Our Students Experience

“The hardest part was to create the storyline. Not having a script and shooting for three full days made me feel a little bit concerned. But the Cineimpact team helped me extract the story from my footage. I learned so much in such a short time!”

Sergiu Chirău – Videographer, Storyteller

”I was able to try a lot of different things. This sense of freedom to experiment and to create was really helpful for me. It was a great experience. A new way of doing things, especially if you are interested in the intersection between anthropology and film.”

Nnenna  Onuoha – PhD researcher in Anthropology 

“I learned a lot about filmmaking, and I had an amazing time working on the film. Great community atmosphere, with colleagues from all over the world. Such an interesting mix of people. It made the experience very, very interesting.”

Oana Țenter – Fulbright Fellow Documentary-making

“It changed me in the way I film, I edit, in the way I prepare. It helped explain things better, understanding the ideas in the film. I was able to ask questions whenever I needed to. I would definitely recommend Cineimpact.”

Ignacio Garcia Sanchez – Filmmaker, storyteller, film editor 

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Details of the Summer Academy Content can be found here

Details of the Summer Academy Application can be found here

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