On-Line Film Academy

Crisis is a perfect magnifying glass for humanity as a social and creative body

The combined power of Film and Social Sciences can create the best mirrors for the emerging society that takes shape out of the present global challenges

So, in case you need to boost your filmmaking vision and shape your best storytelling version according to our rapidly shifting universe, here is what you can use:


Visual stories become, more than ever, one of the most powerful instruments for

social understanding, communication and change!

Learn how to use

Filmmaking, Social Sciences, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Sensory Transmedia

in order to become the

Most Effective Storyteller of Your Senses and Ideas 

The CINEIMPACT Academy of Film, Transmedia and Innovation Design organizes a cycle of on-line courses supporting transdisciplinary education in the realization of documentary, hybrid and multimedia projects dedicated to the expression of society’s essential themes. 

As a platform for research, development and education in designing optimal fiction-non-fiction cinema, transmedia and social communication tools, Cineimpact On-Line Filmcelerator is structured for enriching your knowledge and practical skills in Visual Storytelling, Docu-Fiction Filmmaking and Multimedia. Maintaining collaborative relationships with the classic academic approaches, CINEIMPACT is a catalyst for education and production that uses in a convergent manner the resources of Design Thinking, Social Science and Film. Within the daily carousel of our constructible and de-constructible “realities”, this program proposes a re-equipment of social understanding and sensory storytelling with creative tools, corresponding to the new challenges of our society.


Cineimpact Remote Academy Courses for the Film Production Section: 

Work-In-Progress Incubator

the participants will receive creative advice and mentorship guidance thorugh the conondrums of their work-in-progress projects, being a non-fiction, docu-fiction or fiction project, challenged by the hardships of the pre-production, production or post-production stages, including  the optimizing of project’s pitching, fine tuning or distribution strategy

Course 1

Cineimpact Method applied to the participant project. Art and Anthropology Approach in Filmmaking:

Introductory Course. What is important to know!

Learning how to use Visual Arts and Anthropology, along the camera lenses, in the participants’ work-in progress projects: exploring, analyzing, rethinking the project themes, topics, individual and collective stories in relation with their cinematic potential

Course 2

Social Sciences and Script Writing

Researching and Understanding deeper the themes of the work-in-progress projects from points of view specific to corresponding Social Sciences (Social, Cultural, Applied Anthropology); Developing and Testing the narrative structure of the projects according to the new input

Course 3

Design Thinking in Storytelling and Editing Optimization

Disentangling the project’s narrative dilemmas (Log-line, Synopsis, Treatment), Shaping the story using a unique methodology specific to Design Thinking; Concluding the Directorial Vision

Course 4

Methods of Decision-Making in Post-Production

Tips and Tricks of the editing process; Optimization of the formats corresponding to the incubated projects (teaser, trailer, demo, visuals, first cut, rough-cut); Projections of the respective formats

Course 5

Package Strategy

Pitch, Fine Tuning, Distribution Strategy; Mentorship for the Future

You are guided through your editing questions and dilemmas with the help of a practice based mentorship program that enhances your film project by optimizing your story crafting qualities. Gradually structured iterations will result in improved project versions until the best story possible is extracted from your raw footage. You receive individual and joint training sessions with fellow students, in order to grow at a personal level and learn from each other’s projects and experiences

During an editing hands-on process, you will be taught how to use insightful Anthropology tools into crafting a humanly relevant Film Story. In this process, you acquire personal cineimpactic skills, fusing your talent maximum potential and our accelerated story-editing method. You practically learn how to optimally disentangle the most relevant narrative structure hiding in your project footage. In a short time frame, you will be coached how to organize your newly accquired storytelling knowledge and apply it up to your best results in any of your present and future projects.

Throug all communication formats, in a world overwhelmed by technological optimizations, groundbreaking Story Design makes the difference. A Creative and Anthropological Understanding of Humanity is the foundation of Cineimpact’s transformative guidance for crafting the optimal story based on your projects’ themes, topics and characters

Cineimpact Remote Academy Courses for the Film Production Section: 

New Project Development

the participants experience the entire process of film making by developing a new film project from A to Z while going through the fundamentals of anthropological field work, pre-production, production and post-production phases, concluding with a brief final touch on project pitching, fine tuning and distribution strategy

Course 1

Cineimpact Method applied to the participant project. Art and Anthropology Approach in Filmmaking:

Introductory Course. What is important to know!

Learning how to use Visual Arts and Anthropology, along the camera lenses, in the participants’ work-in progress projects: exploring, analyzing, rethinking the project themes, topics, individual and collective stories in relation with their cinematic potential

Course 2

Project Development

Researching the film theme, deciding the topics and the main characters of the film projects; developing and testing the visual treatment corresponding to the chosen project theme and topic

Course 3

Production and Shooting

Visuality, Sound and Anthropology. How to grasp and create realities with your mic and camera lenses. Sensory recordings creating Empathy and Engagement. Designing the cinematographic storytelling

Course 4


Editing (creating the film narrative structure: linear, non-linear, anthropologic, experimental);

Tips and Tricks of the editing process; Rough-Cut Structuring

Course 5

Package Strategy

Pitch, Fine Tuning, Distribution Strategy; Mentorship for the Future

In an intense time frame, you are guided in the process of shooting and editing a short creative Documentary or Docu-Fiction Film. Through a personalized hands-on process, you will be supported by a mentorship program in shaping your best practice creativity method, enriching your skillset with an agile fusion of Film and Anthropology tools. In this personal development journey, you receive in-depth expert feedback on your work. Each course day will comprise individual coaching to improve your most essential film and storytelling skills

There will be offered a generic project theme, still in case you want to choose a different theme you are encouraged to pursue it up to its best story version. The recommended approach is for you to be part of a team working on a project, but doing everything on your own is also acceptable.

Cineimpact equips you to find a personal voice, strategy, and technique, by revealing your best stories even within complicated contexts, with the help of a unique method bridging Sensory Documentary, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology & Social Immersion

2 persoane cu o inima fara 2016


Ionuţ Piţurescu – director, scriptwriter and producer; Dr. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology; coordinator of the Center for Innovation, Development and Film

Linkedin Details

The Cineimpact Method 

Developed since 2005 by Ionuț Pițurescu, interlacing Applied Sociology & Anthropology with Immersive Filmmaking, Cineimpact Method was internationally recognized through movies such as “Quest” (Romania, 32 min), selected and awarded by “Quinzaine des Réalisateurs” at the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival. “Quest” is a docu-fiction, medium-length movie, completed by Pițurescu from picking up the topic to the end, in a surprising time frame for a story that won one of the most sought-after prizes of the film industry. At the heart of the 2010 Selection and Prize at Cannes IFF for Quest, lies an ingenious Sensory Storytelling Method grounded on efficient Filming, Editing, and Socio-Visual Anthropology techniques, appliable on most demanding audio-visual projects. In 2015 a second selection at Cannes International Film Festival’s Cinefondation Atelier had Pițurescu’s docu-fiction project “Borders” (Denmark, Romania, Burma) recognized as one of the best feature-length film projects worldwide confirming his insightful method.

Applying his 20+ years of practical and field-work experience in over 40 countries, along various academic studies, including a MA in Anthropology and Development, and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, Ionut Pițurescu created an experiential learning method developed around the most elusive parts of the filmmaking process: THE SENSORY STORYTELLING, THE EMPATHY FLOW and THE EMOTIONAL RHYTHM. Starting in 2008 as invited professor within a state university and continuing in 2014 by founding Cineimpact Film Academy, Ionuț Pițurescu has mentored students from diverse backgrounds, coming from Art and Social Filmmaking, Transmedia and Interactive Formats, Visual Anthropology and Video-Journalism. He enhanced the storydriven skills of filmmakers from more than 20 countries and five continents, while several Cineimpact students had rapid international results, selections and recognitions by prestigious film forums and festivals


Cineimpact Courses can be self-paced and scheduled within a period of maximum 6 months,

according to personalized sessions availability among the following options:


1 Course of 2 Hours / One-to-One Tuition 


1 Hour of Footage Analysis

Tuition Fee: 100 Euros


5 Courses of 1,5 Hour / 3 Days / One-to-One Tuition 


3 Hours of Footage Analysis

Tuition Fee: 250 Euros


5 Courses of 2 Hours / 5 Days / One-to-One Tuition 


5 Hours of Footage Analysis

Tuition Fee: 450 Euros

Applications for the courses enrollment including your Sessions Option and Curriculum Vitae

should be sent to the address:


 Discounted Position of 30% still available for the participants

applying for Cineimpact Film Scholarships,

by accompaning their Curriculum Vitae with a Motivation Letter 

The process of selection is on-going, book your place early among the limited positions! If all positions are taken, you will be placed on a waiting list and announced on first availabilities

To finalize the registration, you can pay a 50% first installment. After the registration date, the 2nd installment can be transferred in the next 4 weeks, based on our email instructions

Dedicated to the scope of supporting film education, anthropologic research and impact production

CINEIMPACT offers the Cineimpact Film Scholarships

Standing for non-discrimination on financial grounds, Cineimpact offers Program Scholarships consisting in a participation fee discount. We encourage participants to apply for financial support with their local sponsors and funding bodies first. If wanting to apply for a scholarship, attach a letter of motivation and we will gladly assess your application


You will receive an email providing further details about Cineimpact Remote Program, payment details and the process of finding the optimal program slots matching your project needs and schedule

Ever dreamed to learn how to use your personal equipment at your best creative potential? 

Cineimpact offers a toolbox that guides you into the deeper understanding of cinematic storytelling along revealing your own personal powers to impact the world.  You want to discover how to expand your creative skills simultaneously with your soft skills? Take your chance to develop your Filmmaking vision through a creative mentorship program that supports you in taking better decisions in your film, transmedia or visual communication projects. Not to mention that you will enjoy a lot of creative fun unfolding the memorable story of a film to take home, at the end of an unique journey

Here you can navigate few Lovely Memories of the previous years’ editions:



Cinema and Humanity


researching, mentoring, igniting

human centered


by whom

Film and Social Sciences, New Media and Technology, Visual Journalism and Visual Arts

collaborate in optimized ways

to Understand and Impact the Society We Live In

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Cineimpact Academy Programs

are announced in advance or take place on request.

Write to us at


in order to receive the latest info through

Cineimpact Academy Newsletter

comprising our future events and the latest innovations in

Filmmaking, Anthropology, Cross-Media or Docu-Fiction Storytelling

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