International Film Academy 2014

If you want to shoot something, shoot a film! © Longocampo hunt, 1900, Kalinderu studio

2 – 17 August 2014, Campulung Muscel, Vila Golescu

Creative Documentary, Visual Anthropology, Experimental Cinema








15 days of film production for 15 selected filmmakers

exploring transdiciplinary practice, collaborative production, social impact

in partnership with  „Paysage en Roumanie. Jardin de Villa Golescu” Romania-France

Dead-line for the submission of applications:

27 June 2014

Details of the Summer School Content can be found here

From 2 to 17 August 2014 , Socio-Visual Academy challenges your creative adrenaline within “CINEIMPACT” – Film Summer School, an international program dedicated to innovating documentary filmmaking and visual anthropology. The socio-visual bungee jumping will dive in the, between and betwixt, Campulung-Muscel region, suspended at the intersection in between old-fashioned rural and post-industrial urban, creating an intriguing crossroad of pre- and post- communist mindsets. 

The summer school activities will take place in the Mansion Golescu, a 100 years old space with a quite complex personality, almost surreal and at the same time ideal to inspire rethinking the realities surrounding it. The fieldwork and film development area of the summer school will be concentric to the Mansion Golescu: integrating a social tissue with a diverse heritage , visually exceptional and narratively quirky .

Candidates applications will be accepted until 27 June 2014. The applications submitted with at least 5 days before the deadline will be rewarded (see details here). The eligible candidates should have experience in one or more of the following fields: film directing, cinematography, editing, visual anthropology. The best 15 young students and professionals, selected on the criteria of motivation, experience and creative personalities, will be invited to attend for 15 days an innovative academic adventure. Through a tailored-made and hands-on documentary filmmaking program, the summer school activities will produce 5 films which will explore the limits of fiction, non-fiction, experimental visuality and visual anthropology. Participants will be guided in this cognitive-creative adventure by 3 tutors (Ger Duizjings , Denis Titus AbabeiVintilă Mihailescu , Ionut Piturescu). During the stages of field research, development and production of the films, the participants will be inspired by 3 master-classes of invited experts. Film crews will be supported by production assistants with expertise in the investigated area. All the 15 authors of the resulting films will be tutored in building optimal harnessing and distribution strategies for their film projects.

The best film made during the summer school will be awarded in the final event of LONGOCAMPO DOX (”Longocampo” is the name of Campulung Muscel town, in its 700 years old historic records ).

Socio – Visual Academy is a catalyst for education and production of socio-visual research, transmedia and film. The main objective of SVA is researching and educating methods that can support social sciences, new media, visual art and cinema in making positive contributions to a better understanding and solving of society’s issues. 

This platform includes experts from social sciences, visual arts, filmmaking ( Ger Duijzings – Director of the Center for Southeast European Studies, University College London , co -director of the UCL Urban Laboratory , East European Anthropology Reader ; Cristian Robert Velescu – Prof. Dr. University of Fine Arts , art historian , author of the study ” Avantgarde and modernity” ; Mihai Coman – founder of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, doctoral school coordinator, co-author of “Media Anthropology ” ; Ionut Piturescu – Dr. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology , coordinator of Center for Innovation , Development and Film Production , director of the film “Quest” – Romania , 30 min , winner of Quinzaine des Realisateurs Award at the Cannes Film Festival ; Denis Titus Ababei – film production manager, coordinator and set up designer in succesful international cinema productions, Bucharest University ; Vintilă Mihailescu – head of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Political Science, SNSPA, doctoral school coordinator, author of ” Anthropology . Five Introductions “) .longologo color rosu

Partner: Pro Patrimonio. The Romanian National Trust

Click on image for better sky-diving in Campulung Muscel region © Socio-Visual Academy

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