Application Details

Applicants Eligibility:

Cineimpact Academy addresses applicants evolving in one or more of the following fields:

Film Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Visual Anthropology, Visual Arts, Visual Activism, Videography, Film/Video/Cross-Media Production and Communication

A good knowledge of English language is necessary



shall comprise the following:

1. Curriculum Vitae

including the contact info

2. Letter of Motivation

including one of the Film Production Sections you choose to apply for:

A. New Project Development

the participants experience the entire process of film making by developing a new film project from A to Z while going through the fundamentals of anthropological field work, pre-production, production and post-production phases, concluding with a brief final touch on project pitching, fine tuning and distribution

B. Work-in-Progress Incubator

the participants receive advice and development mentorship on one of their work-in-progress projects, being a non-fiction or a docu-fiction project, challenged by the hardships of script development, pre-production, production or post-production phases, integrating the optimization of project’s package, pitching,  rough-cut, fine tuning or distribution strategy

3. In between 1 to 3 Samples of applicant’s previous work

including links to up-loads or wetransfer


Participaton and Tuition fee:

1400 Euro

1 Scholarship Position consisting of 20% concession  

still available for the participants applying for Cineimpact Scholarships before July 5th 

(the Scholarships will be awarded based on the Letter of Motivation assessment)

The process of selection is on-going, book your place early among the limited positions! If all positions are taken, you will be placed on a waiting list and announced on first availabilities.

Applications for the courses enrollment shall be sent to the address:

The fee is covering personal and professional mentorship, tuition and accomodation along the courses of the Academy. Food & transport are covered by the participants

Cineimpact Film Academy offers a 500 Euro Grant to support the Best Film Project

To finalize the registration, you can pay a 50% installment. In the next 4 weeks after the registration date, the 2nd installment can be transferred via payment order, based on our email instructions. You will receive as well our emails providing info with program details, preparations, travel arrangements etc


Dedicated to the scope of supporting cinema education and production on non-discriminatory principles

CINEIMPACT offers Special Scholarships

Standing for non-discrimination on financial grounds, Cineimpact offers Special Scholarships, consisting in a larger participation fee discount. If in financial distress and wanting to apply for a special scholarship, attach to your letter of motivation an objective parameter, tax return or other document proving your economical situation.  

We encourage participants to apply for financial support with their national/regional sponsors or funding bodies first

If you tried and found no funding body, solution or sposorship to support your participation,

Cineimpact will gladly welcome and assess your Special Scholarship Application



Ever dreamed to learn how to use your personal equipment at your best storytelling potential? 

Love to expand your creative skills simultaneously with your soft skills? Cineimpact offers a toolbox that guides you into the deeper understanding of cinematic storytelling along revealing your own personal powers to impact the world. Cineimpact mentorship enhances the development of your decision-making process, by learning to take better decisions in your non-fiction based projects, just as in real life contexts. You can have a lot of fun creating a film to take home at the end of this unique journey, as good times mixed with optimal creativity are the flow state of the program!

Here you can navigate few Lovely Memories of the previous years’ editions:



Cinema and Humanity


researching, mentoring, igniting

human centered


by whom

Film and Social Sciences, New Media and Technology, Visual Journalism and Visual Arts

collaborate in optimized ways

to Understand and Impact the Society We Live In

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Cineimpact Academy Programs

are announced in advance or take place on request.

Write to us at

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Cineimpact Academy Newsletter

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Filmmaking, Anthropology, Cross-Media or Docu-Fiction Storytelling

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