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Cineimpact Story Accelerators

(Next Editions: February-Cadiz, May-Syracuse, June-Granada, September-Lecce, 2022, Italy/Spain)


Docu-Fiction Filmcelerator Remote Academy

(Cineimpact Remote Courses have a limited open call and a self-paced duration of up to 3 months)


International Film Summer Academy 

(Next Edition: August-September 2022, Transylvania, Romania)

Heraklion Autumn Edition

International Film Autumn Academy

(Next Edition: November 2022, Heraklion, Crete)


Filmcelerator Winter Academy

(Next Edition: December 2022-January 2023)

Bangkok Public Library © Socio-Visual Academy

Visual Antropology Lab

(On Going)

todi taifas

Documentary Filmmaking Lab

(On Going)

joc pietre  burma

Hybrid Filmmaking Lab

(On Going)


Socio-Visual Development Workshops

(TBA  /  Upon Request)

afis-regensburg_mic (2)

Raw Film Caravan

(Next Edition: TBA / Upon Request)



Film & Development Accelerator, School and Festival

(Next Edition: TBA / Upon Request)

Cineimpact Academy Programs

are announced in advance or take place on request.

Don’t be shy and write to us at

to let us know how we can help

or to receive the latest info through

Cineimpact Academy Newsletter

comprising our future events and the latest innovations in

Filmmaking, Anthropology, Cross-Media or Docu-Fiction Storytelling

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