CINEIMPACT – Academy of Film, Cross-Media and Innovation Design is a collaborative center dedicated to education, production and excellence in Cinema and Socio-Visual Communication.

Answering to a world where interlaced knowledge becomes more necessary than ever, CINEIMPACT Academy creates a regional hub which rethinks cross-disciplinary innovation by creating mutually empowering collaborations in between Cinema, Social Sciences and Socio-Visual creative industries.

The values of such collaborations are more and more requested by technological, social and artistic needs in all regions. CINEIMPACT constructs effective methodologies by inspiring tailor-made solutions for film and cross-media projects, through exquisite mastering of cinematic story-telling sustained by in depth socio-visual understanding. Innovative methods and transdisciplinary skills are made available to multifarious beneficiaries, emerging professionals and students who are motivated to develop succesful cinematic projects by reaching cineimpactic expertise of increasing necessity 




Cinema and Humanity


researching, mentoring, igniting


by whom

Film and Social Sciences, New Media and Technology, Visual Journalism and Arts

collaborate in optimal ways

to Understand and Impact the Society We Live In


CINEIMPACT – Academy of Film, Cross-Media and Innovation Design

is a program initiated by

Anthropoesis – Film, Development and Innovation Center


















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