International Film Academy 2018

CINEIMPACT – International Film Summer Academy 

Art Cinema, Creative Documentary, Visual Anthropology, Social Action 

25 August – 7 September, Campulung Muscel, Romania

14 days of film production for 12 selected filmmakers

2 Film Production Sections

Grant for Best Film Project

exploring Non-Fiction Visuality, Hybrid Storytelling, Cinematic Impact

Details of the Summer Academy Content can be found here

Details of the Summer Academy Application can be found here

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Only 1 place remaining! Ready to embark a unique film making journey?

Between 25th of August – 7th of September 2018, you have the chance to feed your creative adrenaline within CINEIMPACT Film Summer Academyan international program dedicated to Art and Social Cinema taking the meta-disciplinary form of Innovative Documentaries, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology and Social Action. 

At its fourth edition challenging classical filmmaking methods, CINEIMPACT’s Film Academy has proven to be a great learning experience for young filmmakers from various backgorunds, cultures and countries (Sweden, Italy, Ghana, Spain, England, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, China, Croatia, Netherlands, United States, Turkey, Ireland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc), enabling the production of internationally recognized documentaries. The program will take place in Romania’s Câmpulung Muscel region – a field of exceptional socio-cultural complexity embraced by the high peaks of Carpathian Mountains. The film development area will be centered in the miniature town of Câmpulung, which magically interweaves the rurban experiences of past and present: old-fashioned rurality, aristocratic heritage and post-industrial urbanity, that create a focal cinematic crossroad of pre- and post- communist society.

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The candidates should have experience in one or more of the following fields: film directing, cinematography, editing, visual anthropology, visual arts, visual activism. The candidates can apply for the following Film Production Sections of the summer academy:

  1. Art Cinema(films dedicated to Art House Filmmaking)
  2. Social Cinema(films dedicated to Social Action Filmmaking)

The best 12 students and professionals, selected based on motivation, experience and creative personalities, will be invited to attend the 14 days of the CINEIMPACT adventure. Through a tailored-made and hands-on filmmaking program, the summer academy will explore innovative methods of CINEMA and IMPACT production, while transgressing the boundaries of fiction, non-fiction, visual anthropology and social activism.

Students will find themselves in an environment that challenges their most personal and deepest creative limits. From recognizing stories worthwhile to tell after only few hours of interaction with the characters, to exercising decision making techniques under time pressure, from learning new editing techniques on the fly to facing the first cut screening, the academy will leave the participants amazed by how much and how better they can do in such a short time span.


Participants will be guided in this cognitive-creative adventure by three tutors: Ger DuizjingsVintilă MihăilescuIonuţ Piţurescu. During the field research, development, production and post-production of the films, the participants will be inspired by master-classes held by invited experts. The authors of the resulting films will be tutored in building optimal distribution strategies for their film projects.

“Pattern or Not (Şablon sau nu)”, one of the 6 films produced in the previous edition of the Film Summer Academy after 15 days of creative work of an international team comprising Dorottya Balczo (director and cinematographer) and Andra Nedelcu (director and visual artist), was successfully selected and propelled to participate in one of the sections dedicated to short film (SFC) at Cannes Film Festival 2016.

Early Applications are discounted in case of selection.

The CINEIMPACT Jury will award the best film project a 1000 Euro grant.

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