Cineimpact Film Academy invites application to a Film, Communication Anthropology and Storytelling Program for Immersive Filmmakers, Researchers and Audio-Visual Communicators.

Practical needs of our society prove that Filmmakers and Communicators are tremendously enriched by best practice Anthropology and Humancentric Sciences.

As well, Applied Scientists and Researchers are helped by high-quality Film and Visual Storytelling skillsets.

From January 29 to February 5 2023, an inovatory program that bridges Documentary, Docu-Fiction and Social Sciences will be launched in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a winter paradise with mild summer temperatures, an optimal realm to warm up your creativity and perfect your capacities’ outcomes.

Since 2014 Cineimpact Film Academy has explored a wide area of themes and creatively developed students coming from 20+ countries over 5 continents. The participants learn how to use a method that brings together the impact of Film, Social Sciences, and Sensory Storytelling, developed accross 20+ years and internationally recognized by two selections and an award at Cannes International Film Festival.

The successful applicants learn to optimally create new productions or develop their existing documentary and hybrid films up to their best version.

If you have a passion for Documentary/Docu-Fiction Filmmaking, Documentary/Docu-Fiction Animation, Audio-Visual Communication, Multimodal Anthropology/Sociology/Ethnography, Engaging Videography/Visual Journalism, , Experimental Film/Sensory Storytelling or Impact Media Production, you are encouraged to apply.

The knowledge gained through optimizing your film and storytelling potential in such a minimalistic frame can be further applied in the causes important for you, your comissioned work and your creative ideas in need of production sustainability. Reach The Next Level of your Creative Voice, learning how to maximize the mutual empowerment of Filmmaking and Social Sciences within your current and upcoming projects.

The early registered participants will benefit from a personalized preparatory phase. Concession Scholarships are offered for deserving candidates.

Details and Registration:

The places are limited, so do not procrastinate your application, bring along your friends and, of course, we would highly appreciate if you share the call for registration with your fellow practitioners, colleagues or student collaborators.

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