CINEIMPACT 2016 Final Selection

We are happy to announce the 2016 excelent line-up,

that will embark the creative adventure in

Campulung Muscel, Romania, 3-18 September 

The program takes place in Romania’s Câmpulung Muscel region – a field of exceptional socio-cultural landscape offered by the outstanding Carpathian Mountains. The film development area will be centered in the town of Câmpulung, which magically interweaves diverse experiences of the past century: old-fashioned rurality, aristocratic heritage and post-industrial urbanity, creating a cinematic meeting point of pre- and post- communist society

CINEIMPACT 2016 Final Selection :

Nicola Sangs (Germany)

Anelise Salan (Romania)

Igor Karim (Brasil)

Mirona Radu (Romania)

Lissa Davies (England)

Helmy Nouh (Egypt)

Mara Lin Visse (Netherlands)

Marta Ianetti (Italy)

Roxana Ardelean (Romania)

Ana Marija Marinov (Croatia)

Congratulations !

“Pattern or Not (Şablon sau nu)”, one of the 6 films produced in the previous edition of the Film Summer Academy after 15 days of creative work of an international team comprising Dorottya Balczo (director and cinematographer) and Andra Nedelcu (director and visual artist), was successfully selected and propelled to participate in one of the sections dedicated to short film (SFC) at Cannes Film Festival 2016.

New CINEIMPACT generation that will champion Cinema and Humanity, 

Be welcome!

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Aristoteles Workshop Application

Thierry Garrel, former head of the Documentary department at ARTE, France, will be the main expert during the theoretical part of Aristoteles Workshop. Apply by July 20th, here:

ARISTOTELES WORKSHOP (AW) is a training and development center dedicated to foster a new generation of creative documentary filmmakers around the world. Established in 2006, with substantial material and spiritual support from the French/German cultural TV channel arte, AW is truly a unique training program, offering both a hands-on approach and a continuous tutoring system.

12 participants will be selected on the basis of a dossier (credentials, demo reels, and recommendations). Participants should express an avid interest in learning and doing television the arte way. The ideal composition of the group is that of young documentary filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, DPs, and editors. During this thorough television workshop, the participants, divided in four groups, will be guided through each and every step of the documentary production.

Established and respected professionals will help the participants translate their own ideas into fresh, ground breaking documentaries.

While the emphasis will mainly be on the content, the workshop will also benefit of the latest High Definition TV technologies and techniques.

AW will provide accomodations, production and post production equipment and facilities. In the end each group will have to deliver a half-hour documentary ready for broadcast and entirely marketable.

Enter the Border Crossings Universe

Since 2003, academics and students from various university departments in the Balkans have established the BORDER CROSSINGS Network. The Network encourages the development of university cooperation mainly in the areas of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Folklore, Balkan Studies and History. It aims at promoting closer relationships between Universities, academics and students in the region by regularly organizing various forms of academic exchange.

Such cooperation is an important missing element in the process of cross-cultural and cross-border understanding, inter-ethnic tolerance and economic and political prosperity in the region. The BORDER CROSSINGS network’s activities counter fears, mistrust and prejudices. Students come out of these activities with a better understanding of their common heritage and the benefits, and how to use it to the advantage of the region. In addition, they build capacity within the participating Higher Education Institutions and enable further common research activities.

You can find out more and how to take part in Border Crossings here

Discover what can children do with Play, no matter what!

Play, no matter what! is a film about the importance of being creative and playful because it helps the self-development of children. Playing is a very powerful way of learning because when children play they find what their talents are, and what they like in life. But not only is it a great way to develop your talents, playing together in a safe place helps to build self-esteem and social skills. The children in Play, no matter what! discover not only what they find important in life, they also became more social and self-confident. Also, what is more important about this movie is the fact that it is made about a small Romanian community of children. That underlines the importance of how things must change in the Romanian collective conciousness for us to take action and look inside our children’s group of friends and the way they act as if we are looking at our own future development. Notable to mention it is also the fact that this film concept is very useful as references and intentions: playing and understanding the way children do that offers another perspective on how we should live life. The film tells the story of a way of living, that is the Romanian way of living and that reminds us about the necessity of simple things, joy and happiness that sometimes lack from our every day schedule. This is the reason why understanding its directions means a lot for the educational system and for the impact that a work of art has on the change of perspective regarding a small group of people or environment. So take advantage of this opportunity and download the film and watch it with your students or with the children in your school. This will definitely make a difference when thinking about the continuity of the project and the people involved in it.

By downloading the documentary you also support the Flying Seagull Project that works with children in Romania and you can make this change possible for other small communities too because the director is clearly stating her objective for this project to continue depicting life in other places, with other people.

Check the great work of THE INTERCEIPT

The Intercept, launched in 2014 by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill, is dedicated to producing fearless, adversarial journalism. We believe journalism should bring transparency and accountability to powerful governmental and corporate institutions, and our journalists have the editorial freedom and legal support to pursue this mission.

The Intercept is a publication of First Look Media. Launched in 2013 by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar, First Look Media is a multi-platform media company devoted to supporting independent voices, from fearless investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking to arts, culture, media and entertainment. First Look Media produces and distributes content in a wide range of forms including feature films, short-form video, podcasts, interactive media and long-form journalism, for its own digital properties and with partners.

All you can enjoy and get inspired:




is a post graduated (BAC or MA) course

in collaboration with Laboratorio Permanente di Arte Pubblica
January-September 2016

Language: English
Fee: see the Call
VAPA is a one year master, organized in 60 ECTS.

VAPA gives a training to graduateds in social sciences, humanities, art and architecture. The language of the classes are English and Italian. The Master accepts max 20 students every year.

Details here:

Cineimpact Social Campaign @ Câmpulung Muscel

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CINEIMPACT Social Campaign and Festival supports the development of local heritages using the impact power of cinematic, photographic and videographic stories.

Inspired by the empowering narratives of high quality films and social development practices, new visual stories will be created by active members of Câmpulung Muscel community with the close support of proffesionals in the fields of film, photography and social sciences. CINEIMPACT aims to motivate the youngsters and the citizens of all ages to educate themselves with the help of cinema an social sciences in order to contribute to economic, social and cultural development of the community they are a part of.

Together with the members of Câmpulung Muscel, we are exhibiting to the national and international audience the vision of local community on its own values. CINEIMPACT supports to youth to encourage their friends and relatives to participate in this Social Campaign of promoting local patrimony. To snap and collect the most beautiful local stories, we are organizing a text-photo-video competition that is entitled: “Tell the visual story of what you think is valuable in your community”. The competition has 3 thematic categories:

  1. Material Culture Heritage (visual stories of some houses, establishments, architectures, local objects and monuments);
  2. Natural Heritage (visual stories of some natural rural or urban landscapes);
  3. Human Heritage (visual stories of characters with life experiences and activities considered to be valued to the community by the participants).

CINEIMPACT Social Campaign – Câmpulung Muscel invites young people, of all ages, to become the change they want to see in the society they live in. The campaign is a part of a programme initiated by CINEIMPACT – Academy of Film, Cross-Media and Socio-Visual Development, together with prestigious partners and professionals in the field of cinematography, visual arts and social sciences. Cineimpact campaign will enclose a number of courses and educational events which will be highlighted  within the CINEIMPACT – FILM AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FESTIVAL, a socio-cultural accelerator of community development through instruments such as: photo-videography, cinematography and visual anthropology. The concept behind CINEIMPACT is built for establishing collaborative relationships connecting local communities with the national and international socio-creative ones.