Application Details

Applicants Eligibility:

The winter academy addresses applicants experienced in one or more of the following fields:

Film Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Videography, Visual Anthropology, Visual Arts, Visual Activism, Film/Video/Visual Communication Production

A good knowledge of English language is necessary


Should be e-mailed to 

comprising the following:

Curriculum Vitae

(including the contact info)

Letter of intent

(including the choice for the Film Production Section you apply for)

2 Samples of applicant’s previous work

(use links to up-loads or wetransfer)


Deadline and participation fees if selected

Early bird deadline: 24th of January 2020 – 780 Euro

Regular deadline: 27th of January 2020 – 890 Euro

Late deadline: 30th of January 2020 – 1050 Euro

The fee is covering tuition, personal and professional mentorship and accomodation, along the 9 days of the Academy, while transport & meals are covered by the participant

Dedicated to the scope of supporting cinema education, production and innovation on non-discriminatory principles

CINEIMPACT offers 2 FilmDive Scholarships

(consisting in a participation fee discount)

As we try not to discriminate applicants on financial grounds, in the situation that you are in financial distress and you want to apply for a scholarship, do send us a short letter of motivation, together with your regular application, attaching to it an “objective parameter” such as your latest tax return or any other document which proofs your economical situation

We encourage participants to apply for financial support with their national/regional funding bodies first


Ever dreamed to learn how to use your personal equipment at its best storytelling potential? 

Would you like to discover how to expand your creative skills simultaneously with your soft skills? Cineimpact offers a toolbox that guides you into the deeper understanding of cinematic storytelling along revealing your own personal powers to impact the world.  Now is your chance to develop your Filmmaking vision through a mentorship program that supports you in taking better decisions in your projects, just as in your life. Not to mention that you can have a lot of fun creating a film to take home, at the end of this unique journey

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Cinema and Humanity


researching, mentoring, igniting

human centered


by whom

Film and Social Sciences, New Media and Technology, Visual Journalism and Arts

collaborate in optimized ways

to Understand and Impact the Society We Live In