Are you a Filmmaker, Producer, or Impact Producer interested in how your project can contribute to the advancement of social or environmental justice? The Geneva Human Rights Film Festival invites you to an exclusive online session. Freely accessible to a restricted number of observers, this webinar will look into how documentary storytelling can advance human rights movements ethically and sustainably.

On January 25, from 3 pm to 6.30 pm CET, join a wide range of international experts and award-winning filmmakers who will share their experiences and know-how on how films can contribute to changing mindsets, behaviours and structures when connected with strategic changemakers. Find out more about how your film can become part of a broader movement of structural change through the power of cinematic storytelling.

Ani Mercedes is an Impact Producer and Founder of Looky Looky Pictures. She works with stories that go beyond empathy; that aim to participate in the transformational work of building solidarity with (rather than for) the communities they seek to serve. Ani and her team have implemented and advised on impact production for over 800 filmmakers

Nicole van Schaik is the Director of Development at Doc Society. She brokers partnerships with organizations from across civil society, including foundations, philanthropists, NGOs, brands, policymakers, activists, technology innovators and media.

Naomi Walker. As the first Coordinator of the Global Impact Producers Assembly [GIPA], Naomi is working with the GIPA Steering Committee to formalize and build capacity for the network. Naomi spent nine years in Chicago as Engagement Consultant for ITVS.

Cara Mertes is Founding Director of the International Resource for Impact and Storytelling (IRIS), a donor collaborative focused on supporting creative visual storytelling and narrative analysis in the public interest internationally. Previously at Ford Foundation, Moving Image Exploration and director of JustFilms, supporting artist-led films, strengthening organizations and networks.

Rebecca Lichtenfeld is an Emmy award-winning human rights advocate, producer and impact strategist. She has created, produced, and executed ‘creative advocacy’ projects involving filmmakers, artists, heads of state and organizers from around the globe. Rebecca is currently the Executive Director of InMaat Foundation, a US-based foundation that promotes equality and human rights worldwide.

Rasmus Steen is Head of Documentary Film at IMS. International Media Support (IMS) works with an overall vision that documentary film can contribute to social, political, or cultural change. IMS has supported more than 180 documentary films, including 40 co-productions. IMS operates in the Arab world, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia.

For full program click here!


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