Passioned of proving and developing yourself in Creative Communication and Social Action through Filmmaking, Anthropology and Art? Here is your chance to pursue a career filled with personal meaning and fulfillment:

You are the creative kind who burns with impatience to do something significant and get innovative projects moving? Even in areas that are not familiar to you, because you have the courage to research, learn and get the job done? Doing something creative every day keeps you motivated, and being permanently up to date with what is happening in society, culture, technology is already part of your way of functioning. You are excited to meet new people, and you work well as a team partner.
If you find yourself in the description above, welcome to the Cineimpact team!
We are looking for someone to join us in organizing social and cultural events (creative workshops, film festivals, art events, etc.) in funding, preparing, and implementing cultural projects, documentary, and fiction film productions. All this and more, because at Cineimpact, we create programs that mix film, anthropology, arts, and social actions.
It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your professional career. It is great to be a student, and this shall become your best experience so far. What matters is your desire to learn and your passion for at least one of the areas mentioned above.
If you can embrace Cineimpact challenges and learning journeys, you will create communication materials, promote events in social media, liaise with cultural & media partners, and assist the Project Manager in everything related to the implementation of Cineimpact actions.
Your schedule will be flexible. We need you on average 2 hours a day. There are busy periods when we might need you for 4 hours, but there are also relaxed weekdays without much work. We rely on your ability to organize your time and respond when needed – sometimes in the evenings, sometimes on the weekend. You will be able to work at hours convenient for you and wherever you have a good internet connection.
If you would like to participate in our Volunteer/Internship program, send us your CV and a letter of motivation to

The motivation letter should make us understand which are your personal drives concerning film/anthropology/art/social action in general, which are your passions and how a great work day looks like for you.
For more details about Cineimpact, you can access our web page:




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