Do you study or are you passionate about Heritage? Would you like to learn an accelerated method to create films and transmedia formats sociologicaly adapted to the target audiences of your soul-stirring causes? Here is an opportunity to develop your ability to optimally communicate and raise attention on the topics that are important for you: Herculane Academy of Film, Anthropology and Heritage.

The fact that a large part of the cultural and natural heritage is in a declining situation is no longer a secret. The question is how can we change this. There are many possible directions for action, but they usually require great resources of Time, People and Funding. In this context, there is an effective method not enough used for resourcing essential causes for the greater good: Empathic, Immersive, Insightul Film Stories Dedicated to Heritage with the help of Social Sciences.

Since 2014, Cineimpact Academies have addressed various social issues and have creatively developed students from over 20 countries on 5 continents. Thus, in 2022 Ciniempact Film Academy decided to initiate a session dedicated to the Cultural Landscape and Heritage of Băile Herculane, one of the oldest balneological resort in Romania and Europe, which has been bringing therapeutic benefits to humanity since 102 AD. In order to support these human benefits in general and to maintain public attention on this year’s Europa Nostra selection, the Herculane Film Academy will focus on the deep relationships between society and heritage. Students selected through the application competition will learn an innovative method of audio-visual storytelling, that had international results through two selections and an award at the Cannes Film Festival, a method that brings together specific techniques of Film, Sociology and Visual Anthropology. This transdisciplinary approach has the capacity to help you design your best message versions to communicate your ideas and passions. Deserving students are invited to apply for Cineimpact Special Scholarships.

Why can video and film stories that explore the social context of heritage create the much needed changes and attract the necessary resources?

1. because day by day people react less or inconsistently to cosmetic pictures or videos, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are, if they don’t tell an immersive story that marks the audiences

2. because stories are the ones that create the strongest emotional connections needed to support a heritage goal, to attract volunteers, or to persuade communities to protect valuable sites

3. because communicating through video and film is the most effective and impactful instrument for any entity that aims to bring change within the local, national or international community.

Between July 30 and August 14, participants will create documentaries and docu-fiction films designed to enhance the heritage revitalization and protect the cultural landscape of Herculane. The eligibility criteria are elementary filming and editing skills. Cineimpact Academy will focus on creating video and films that build powerful stories, able to capture the attention of the local, national or international communities. As the emphasis will be on creativity and less on technical details, before the start of the Cineimpact Academy it is recommended to improve your shoot and edit technical knowledge, using the numerous courses that can be found on-line one click away.

Last but not least, we offer a Cineimpact Prize of 500 euros for the best project of this session, prize destined to support the winning project until it reaches its optimal version. 

More details about the program and the registration here:

We believe that the fate of Humanity Cultural and Natural Heritage can be changed, through collaborative and transdisciplinary initiatives aimed at training dedicated professionals in the effective communication of heritage realities, needs and stories. If you have any questions about the Summer Academy of Film, Anthropology and Heritage, we will be happy to get in touch at

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