International Film Winter Academy

Heraklion, Crete

20 – 29th February 2020

Program for the Film Production Section: 

New Project Development

the participants experience the entire process of film making by developing a new film project from A to Z while going through the fundamentals of anthropological field work, pre-production, production and post-production phases, concluding with a brief final touch on project pitching, fine tuning and distribution

20 February

Introduction of the participants and of the program

21 February

Visual Anthropology Approach to Filmmaking

Learning how to use the Visual Anthropology and camera lenses in the participants’ new & work-in progress projects (exploring, visualizing, analyzing social issues and individual/collective stories with cinematic potential)

22-23 February


Researching the film themes in Heraklion and/or surroundings, deciding the topics and the main characters of the film projects; developing and testing the visual treatment corresponding to each specific project 

24 – 25 February


Shooting (designing the cinematographic storytelling)

26 – 27 February


Editing (creating the film narrative structure: linear, non-linear, anthropologic, experimental); Tips and Tricks of the editing process; Rough-Cut Projections

28 February

Package Strategy

Pitch, Fine Tuning, Distribution Strategy; Mentorship for the Future; Conclusions

29 February



Program for the Film Production Section: 

Work-In-Progress Incubator

the participants will receive advice and development mentorship on one of their work-in-progress projects, being a non-fiction or a docu-fiction project, challenged by the hardships of the pre-production, production or post-production stages, including  the optimizing of project’s pitching, fine tuning or distribution strategy

20 February

Introduction of the participants and of the program

21 February

Visual Arts and Anthropology Approach in Filmmaking:

Learning how to use Visual Arts and Anthropology, along the camera lenses, in the participants’ work-in progress projects (exploring, analyzing, rethinking the addressed themes, topics, individual/collective stories in relation with their cinematic potential)

22-23 February

Social Sciences and Script Writing

Researching and Understanding deeper the themes of the work-in-progress projects from points of view specific to corresponding Social Sciences (Social, Cultural, Applied Anthropology); Developing and Testing the narrative structure of the projects according to the new input 

24-25 February

Design Thinking and Story Editing

Disentangling the project’s narrative dilemmas (Log-line, Synopsis, Treatment), Shaping the story using a unique methodology specific to Design Thinking; Concluding the Directorial Vision

26-27 February

Methods of Decision-Making in Post-Production

Tips and Tricks of the editing process; Optimization of the formats corresponding to the incubated projects (teaser, trailer, demo, visuals, first cut, rough-cut); Projections of the respective formats

28 February

Package Strategy

Pitch, Fine Tuning, Distribution Strategy; Mentorship for the Future; Conclusions

29 February


The participants should bring the editing laptops and cameras they know to handle best

The Winter Academy provides back-up equipment (when possible) only in case of accidental necessity, so you should carefully bring a reliable laptop and camera



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