Together with our partners, both in Reykjavik and West Fjords, we have explored the creation of the optimal network involving artists, institutions and cultural events most appropriate to be the partners of the Film, Visual Arts and Anthropology Academy.

2. museum of everyday life - exhibition details (2)

The meet-ups during the bilateral initiative have put the basis of fructuous partnerships in between ANTHROPOESIS ASSOCIATION – Center for Innovation , Development and Film Production ( from Romania and HVERSDAGSSAFN – Museum of Everyday Life ( along numerous other strategic partners from Iceland.

3. museum of everyday life - exhibition details (3)

In between 7th and 13th December 2019, we succeeded to schedule insightful meetings and local visits discussing in detail the setting-up of an International Film, Visual Arts & Anthropology Academy, integrating most effective features and practices that would create a successful Cultural Development Program, including a Festival and Visual Arts Exhibition in order to enhance cultural entrepreneurship and increase the audience access to arts and culture.

4. museum of everyday life - cinema

We have chosen not the most warm time of the year to visit our former and future friends in Reykjavik and West Fjords. On purpose. The members of the Cineimpact team have not been so far to Iceland. So, partly we were a bit naive and ignorant in our decision, partly we thought it is a good moment to empathize better and possibly understand better the realm of Iceland, along the harsh weather and adaptive social conditions of our Icelandic welcoming hosts.


During the exploratory visit made to Iceland, the following organisations and institutions were involved in our fructuous meet-ups and discussions:
Museum of Everyday Life / Skobudin hversdagssafn ehf

University of Iceland, Faculty of Sociology, Anthropology and Folkloristics

Reykjavik Film Festival

Skjaldborg Film Festival

Icelandic Film Center

The visit was financed from the FUND FOR BILATERAL RELATIONS, EEA Grants 2014 – 2021 operated by RO-CULTURA.





































































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