Fellow Film World, spring is coming… so let’s get equipped with a magic tool box for independent filmmakers:

Cinema Journey, Creative Documentary, Visual Anthropology, Social Adventure

9 Days of Tailor Made Film Making 

2 Film Production Sections

Details of the Academy Content can be found here

Details of the Academy Application can be found here

Grasp the chance to refresh your creative adrenaline within CINEIMPACT Spring Film Academyan international program that empowers Art and Social Cinema, through an innovative mix of Creative Documentaries, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology & Social Adventure

The program takes place in Heraklion – the ravishing, inspiring and contrasting capital of Crete. Bridging the west and the east, the past and present, Heraklion’s realms enjoy multicultural flamboyance and social peculiarities, uncovering their hidden nature in the every day life, while waiting to be cinematically discovered and explored.

3-6 25th August Street

In the creatively intense and joyfully relaxed 9 days, the Spring Film Academy & Scholarship offers the chance to enjoy the whole process of filmmaking together with loads of good times. Art Cinema, Creative Documentary and Visual Anthropology combine their powers to disembroil the infinite questions of your filmmaking dilemmas. One of spring’s most refreshing realms of Europe, town of Heraklion will be your muse.

You can find more details here

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