Summer School Content

 longologo color rosu

Film and Visual Anthropology Summer School, 2-17 August:

2 August

Arrival of participants

3 August

Collaborative Day: introductive round-table and debate together with Pro Patrimonio, presenting the results of the former week landscape workshop “Paysage en Roumanie”, dedicated to Campulung Muscel area

4-6 August

Field research: exploring and visualizing individual/collective identities, stories and social issues in urban/rural communities of Campulung Muscel area

7-9  August

Development: deciding and researching the themes, topics, characters of the film projects; developing and practicing the visual treatment corresponding to each specific project

10 – 12 August

Production: shooting (designing the cinematographic storytelling)

13-15 August

Post-Production: editing (creating the film narrative structure – linear, non-linear, anthropologic, experimental)

16 August

Concluding the film projects, Evening Projections, Award Ceremony for best film project and Closing Event

17 August


The participants should bring their editing laptops and cameras they can handle best.

The Summer School will provide back-up equipment only in case of accidental necessity

campulung bun

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