Cineimpact Social Campaign @ Câmpulung Muscel

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CINEIMPACT Social Campaign and Festival supports the development of local heritages using the impact power of cinematic, photographic and videographic stories.

Inspired by the empowering narratives of high quality films and social development practices, new visual stories will be created by active members of Câmpulung Muscel community with the close support of proffesionals in the fields of film, photography and social sciences. CINEIMPACT aims to motivate the youngsters and the citizens of all ages to educate themselves with the help of cinema an social sciences in order to contribute to economic, social and cultural development of the community they are a part of.

Together with the members of Câmpulung Muscel, we are exhibiting to the national and international audience the vision of local community on its own values. CINEIMPACT supports the local youth to encourage their friends and relatives to participate in this Social Campaign of promoting local patrimony. To snap and collect the most beautiful local stories, we are organizing a text-photo-video competition that is entitled: “Tell the visual story of what you think is valuable in your community”. The competition has 3 thematic categories:

  1. Material Culture Heritage (visual stories of some houses, establishments, architectures, local objects and monuments);
  2. Natural Heritage (visual stories of some natural rural or urban landscapes);
  3. Human Heritage (visual stories of characters with life experiences and activities considered to be valued to the community by the participants).

CINEIMPACT Social Campaign – Câmpulung Muscel invites young people, of all ages, to become the change they want to see in the society they live in. The campaign is a part of a programme initiated by CINEIMPACT – Academy of Film, Cross-Media and Socio-Visual Development, together with prestigious partners and professionals in the field of cinematography, visual arts and social sciences. Cineimpact campaign will enclose a number of courses and educational events which will be highlighted  within the CINEIMPACT – FILM AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FESTIVAL, a socio-cultural accelerator of community development through instruments such as: photo-videography, cinematography and visual anthropology. The concept behind CINEIMPACT is built for establishing collaborative relationships connecting local communities with the national and international socio-creative ones.

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