Anthropology, Visuality and Film as public participation and social activism

Call for Applications to the workshop ” Socio-Visual Culture and Creativity”

April 7 to 13

 ” A Picture is worth more than 1000 words ” , it was reminded by Arthur Brisbane , guess when? , 100 years ago. Arthur Brisbane referred at that time only to static images, graphic or photographic. He was not yet taking into account the impact of motion picture: the Film, in all its diversity and categories.

Meanwhile, due to technological dynamics , the relationship between images and words changed in constant progression. An image came to be accessed 1000 times more frequently than 1000 words . The  disproportion of access and impact in between images and words increases geometrically, together with the exponential increase in the production of images, which are supposed to inform , touch, convince , inspire us. Still or moving, day by day implying “1000 times ” bigger  impact, images form our way of being, thinking and feeling; in short, images create us in the same way they are created.


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