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International Film Spring Academy

Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain

Program for the Film Production Section: 

New Project Development

In an intense time frame, you are guided in the process of shooting and editing a short creative Documentary or Docu-Fiction Film. Through a personalized hands-on process, you will be supported by a mentorship program in shaping your best practice creativity method, enriching your skillset with an agile fusion of Film and Anthropology tools. In this personal development journey, you receive in-depth expert feedback on your work. Each course day will comprise individual coaching to improve your most essential film and storytelling skills

There will be offered a generic project theme, still in case you want to choose a different theme you are encouraged to pursue it up to its best story version. The recommended approach is for you to be part of a team working on a project, but doing everything on your own is also acceptable.

Cineimpact equips you to find a personal voice, strategy, and technique, by revealing your best stories even within complicated contexts, with the help of a unique method bridging Sensory Documentary, Docu-Fiction Storytelling, Visual Anthropology & Social Immersion

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Day 1

Introduction of the participants and of the program:  Cineimpact Method and Analysis applied to the personal endeavors of the participants

Visual Anthropology Approach to Filmmaking

Learning how to use the Visual Anthropology and camera lenses in the participants’ new & work-in progress projects (exploring, visualizing, analyzing social issues and individual/collective stories with cinematic potential)

Day 2 -3


Researching the film themes, deciding the topics and the main characters of the film projects; developing and testing the visual treatment corresponding to each specific project 

Day 4 – 5


Shooting (designing the cinematographic storytelling)

Day 6 – 7


Editing (creating the film narrative structure: linear, non-linear, anthropologic, experimental); Tips and Tricks of the editing process; First Cut Refinement

Day 8

Project Pitching, Distribution Strategy, Mentorship for the Future


2 Days

Online session to further refine your projects Final Cut to your best potential

The exact date will be determined based on your and Tutor availability after the offline session

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Program for the Film Production Section: 

Work-In-Progress Incubator

You are guided through a practice based experience and a creative mentorship program that enhances your editing knowledge by optimizing your film project quality. Gradually structured iterations will result in improved project versions until the best story possible is extracted from your raw footage. You receive individual and joint training sessions with fellow students, in order to grow at a personal level and learn from each other’s projects and experiences

During an editing hands-on process, you will be taught how to use insightful Anthropology tools into crafting a humanly relevant Film Story. In this process, you acquire personal cineimpactic skills, fusing your talent maximum potential and our accelerated story-editing method. You practically learn how to optimally disentangle the most relevant narrative structure hiding in your project footage. In a short time frame, you will be coached how to organize your newly accquired storytelling knowledge and apply it up to your best results in any of your present and future projects.

Throug all communication formats, in a world overwhelmed by technological optimizations, groundbreaking Story Design makes the difference. A Creative and Anthropological Understanding of Humanity is the foundation of Cineimpact’s transformative guidance for crafting the optimal story based on your projects’ themes, topics and characters

Day 1

Introduction of the participants and of the program: Cineimpact Method and Analysis applied to the participant projects

Day 2 – 3

Social Sciences and Script Writing

Researching and Understanding deeper the themes of the work-in-progress projects from points of view specific to corresponding Social Sciences (Social, Cultural, Applied Anthropology); Developing and Testing the narrative structure of the projects according to the new input 

Day 4 – 5

Design Thinking and Story Editing

Disentangling the project’s narrative dilemmas (Log-line, Synopsis, Treatment), Shaping the story using a unique methodology specific to Design Thinking; Concluding the Directorial Vision

Day 6 – 7 

Methods of Decision-Making in Post-Production

Tips and Tricks of the editing process; Optimization of the formats corresponding to the incubated projects (teaser, trailer, demo, visuals, first cut, rough-cut); 

Day 8

Project Pitching, Distribution Strategy, Mentorship for the Future


2 Days

Online session to further refine your projects Final Cut to your best potential

The exact date will be determined based on your and Tutor availability after the offline session

Considering the creative journeys’ accelerated nature, you will be required to use your own filming & editing equipment. Using your most familiar tools enables your focus on what really matters:

Crafting a Relevant and Compelling Film Story


Ever dreamed to learn how to use your personal equipment at its best storytelling potential? 

Would you like to discover how to expand your creative skills simultaneously with your soft skills? Cineimpact offers a toolbox that guides you into the deeper understanding of cinematic storytelling along revealing your own personal powers to impact the world.  Now is your chance to develop your Filmmaking vision through a mentorship program that supports you in taking better decisions in your projects, just as in your life. Not to mention that you can have a lot of fun creating a film to take home, at the end of this unique journey



Cinema and Humanity


researching, mentoring, igniting

human centered


by whom

Film and Social Sciences, New Media and Technology, Visual Journalism and Arts

collaborate in optimized ways

to Understand and Impact the Society We Live In

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