Play, no matter what! is a film about the importance of being creative and playful because it helps the self-development of children. Playing is a very powerful way of learning because when children play they find what their talents are, and what they like in life. But not only is it a great way to develop your talents, playing together in a safe place helps to build self-esteem and social skills. The children in Play, no matter what! discover not only what they find important in life, they also became more social and self-confident. Also, what is more important about this movie is the fact that it is made about a small Romanian community of children. That underlines the importance of how things must change in the Romanian collective conciousness for us to take action and look inside our children’s group of friends and the way they act as if we are looking at our own future development. Notable to mention it is also the fact that this film concept is very useful as references and intentions: playing and understanding the way children do that offers another perspective on how we should live life. The film tells the story of a way of living, that is the Romanian way of living and that reminds us about the necessity of simple things, joy and happiness that sometimes lack from our every day schedule. This is the reason why understanding its directions means a lot for the educational system and for the impact that a work of art has on the change of perspective regarding a small group of people or environment. So take advantage of this opportunity and download the film and watch it with your students or with the children in your school. This will definitely make a difference when thinking about the continuity of the project and the people involved in it.

By downloading the documentary you also support the Flying Seagull Project that works with children in Romania and you can make this change possible for other small communities too because the director is clearly stating her objective for this project to continue depicting life in other places, with other people.

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