Socio-Visual Development


“Socio-Visual Development”

Anthropology, Visuality and Film as public participation and social activism


” A Picture is worth more than 1000 words ” , it was reminded by Arthur Brisbane , guess when? , 100 years ago. Arthur Brisbane, one of the leading American publishers, referred at that time only to static images, graphic or photographic. He was not yet taking into account the impact of motion picture: the Film, of all categories.

Meanwhile, due to technological dynamics , the relationship between images and words changed in constant progression. An image came to be accessed 1000 times more frequently than 1000 words . The pace of technology increases exponentially , and whether we want it, or not, the  disproportion of access and impact in between images and words increases geometrically. Exponentially is increased the production of images, which are supposed to have the role to inform , touch, convince , inspire … Still or moving , day by day, implying “1000 times ” bigger  impact, images generate our way of being, educate our way of thinking and feeling, in short, images create us in the same manner we create them.

Socio-Visual Culture and Creativity Workshop addresses all those interested in visual culture and in its relationship with society. The workshop opens up to innovation, personal opinions and creative dialogue. We encourage an atmosphere of friendly curiosity in which we discover together the invisible interactions in between society and visuality. It is not absolutely necessary a previous training in the field. It is necessary the passion for the visuality and its sensory complementarities. In this way it is needed the desire to investigate the mechanisms of creativity and anti-creativity, the contexts in which they are reproduced and their impacts in the society which we all share. Day by day it grows the offer of more sophisticated technology with more affordable costs. This facilitates the production of and the access to an avalanche of visual material. Such process promotes the equality of chances. Theoretically this should favorize the equality of chances to produce and access quality visuals. Practically, the useful technological progress incites the quantity, not necessarily the quality . It is thereby created a disproportion with social effects difficult to predict. The purpose of this workshop is to re-contextualize at personal and social level the quality of practices through which visuality is constructed , perceived , resignified. The examination and equipment of these practices with refinement and sense becomes an engine for the increase in the quality of  our socio-visual interactions , behaviors and productions.

The workshop includes courses with relaxed tempo and intensive content :

1. Initiation in Visual Socio-Anthropology 

2.Initiation in the construction of Documentary Film

3. Initiation in the construction of Hybrid Film

4 . Summary and Conclusions , discussion of participants’ practical work, support in professional directions concerning socio-visual area

Each course will be accompanied by a personalized practical work that will be presented and put in relation with the works of the other colleagues. The course structure supports a better understanding of the socio-visual adventure that we live daily at an ever faster pace. The workshop will examine particularly the areas of photography, videography and film , both in the sphere of non – fiction , as well as in relation to fiction’s creative horizons. Through referential concepts, stylistics and creations, we prospect strategies , rigors and ingenuities that fundamentally spiced visuality, one of the most effective creative processes of the contemporary society.

Our socio -visual experiences and competences  construct our world. They change us, as well as the ones with whom we interact. The chain reaction of visuality has a social impact that grows everyday more strongly. It is important what we look at. It is even more important how we look. And beyond our competences of thinking our socio-visual environment , it is important also what we do with these competences. Analytically, creatively and playfully. Together, conscious, participative, in the context of the society which we determine and which determines our lives.

Application: details can be found here

Workshop Facilitators: 

Ionut PiturescuGer Duizjings & Vintila Mihailescu

poetics and practices


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