International Film Winter Academy

Tirana, Albania

23 February – 8 March 2018

23 February

Introduction of the participants and of the program

24 -25 February

Field Research: exploring, visualizing, analyzing social issues and individual/collective stories with cinematic potential in Tirana and surroundings

26-28 March

Development: deciding and researching the themes, topics, characters of the film projects; developing and practicing the visual treatment corresponding to each specific project

1 – 3 March

Production: shooting (designing the cinematographic storytelling)

4 – 6 March

Post-Production: editing (creating the film narrative structure: linear, non-linear, anthropologic, experimental)

7 March

 Rough-Cut Projections

8 March

Mentorship, Follow Up Preparation, Conclusions

The participants should bring their editing laptops and cameras they know to handle best

The Winter Academy will provide back-up equipment only in case of accidental necessity