Vision, Mission, Trainers


Creative vectors that shape groundbreaking skills for students, researchers, practitioners that embrace Cineimpact Academy Programs:

Art House Cinema & Visual Anthropology 

interweaving cinema meta-narratives with immersive insights of humanity

Documentary Film 

unfolding the poetics and politics of social, observational and author filmmaking 

Hybrid Film 

creating accumulation points of human realities at the confluence of fiction and non-fiction

Transmedia & Cross-Media 

integrating a complex array of formats, technologies & new media: non-linear narratives, web series, art installations & interactive platforms, that unveil engaging realities and cross the boundaries of communication with various categories of audiences


Blitzkrieg Learning Experiences

expanding creative skills intertwined with soft skills

Methods, Tips and Tricks Toolbox

guiding deeper understanding of cinematic storytelling,

while finding creative fun in shaping a memorable film to take home at the end of a hands-on journey

Mentorship Program

offering support in taking optimal decisions out of personal and professional dilemmas, while revealing your own individual powers to impact the world

CINEIMPACT Educational Platform

integrates experts crisscrossing 

Filmmaking – Social Sciences – Visual Arts

Ger Duijzings –  anthropologist and experimental documentary filmmaker, former director of the UCL Urban Laboratory-University College London, Prof. Dr. at the University of Regensburg, East European Anthropology doctoral coordinator

Ionuţ Piţurescu – film director and producer, premiered and awarded by Quinzaines des Realisateurs at 63rd Cannes Film Festival, film writer selected among best world projects by Cinefondation Atelier at 69th Cannes Film Festival, Dr. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology, coordinator of the Center for Innovation, Development and Film 

Vintilă Mihăilescu – anthropologist and psychologist, member of prestigious film festival juries, pro-dean of the Faculty of Sociology SNSPA, doctoral school coordinator, author of best-seller books dedicated to cultural, social, political anthropology

Sorin Gociu – cinematographer, photographer and producer. The documentary “Don’t get me wrong” filmed by Sorin Gociu and directed by Adina Pintilie (recently winning the Golden Bear at IFF Berlin), has been selected to participate in over 50 international festivals, including Locarno International Film Festival, winning the Golden Dove Award at Leipzig International Film Festival, etc.

Augustin Pop – Audio-Visual and Multimedia specialist with expertise in Sound Design, Animation, SFX and VFX, music composer and editor for theater and film; founder of Popixar Studio – film, animation and sound production company

Alina Matache – film producer, consultant and story-editor, with 15+ years of experience in Corporate Program Management. Alina produced 18 films within Cineimpact International Film Academy, working with students from 20+ countries. Several of the films produced by Alina have been selected in important film events and festivals such as LisbonDocs Film Forum, East Silver, Astra Film Festival, etc.

Cristian Robert Velescu – Visual Arts expert, writer and publisher, reputed Prof. Dr. at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, doctoral coordinator, author of numerous Literature and History of Arts expert books, research works and Fine Arts albums, dedicated to modern and contemporary art

The course cycles involve Master-Classes sustained by tutors such as:

Thomas Ciulei (director, producer, cinematographer, winner of numerous international awards, studied at the New York School of Visual Arts, University of Television and Film Munich, New York University, described by Newsweek as “one of the boldest and most challenging figures on the international scene”)

Hanno Hofer ( director, producer and musician, studied at South-Eastern European History and Ethnology in Berlin and Academy for Theatre and Film in Bucharest, multi awarded at festivals such as Munich International Festival of Film Schools, Cottbus Film Festival, etc)

Ada Solomon (producer of numerous award-winning films, Golden Bear – Berlinale IFF, awarded by the European Film Academy)

Corneliu Porumboiu (director, producer, scriptwriter, awarded in the sections Un Certain Regard and Cinefondation at the Cannes Film Festival)

Alexandru Solomon (director, producer, director of the “One World” Film Festival, holder of many international awards)